Blur Rouge

Blur Rouge is a series of live audiovisual installations and performances. In Blur Rouge, Chantre moves beyond the aesthetic and formal qualities of light and sound to create a universe of misty, liquid and airy spaces drenched in an ethereal soundtrack. The artist digs deeper into the visual and audio content to reveal the narrative qualities of the materials.

Blur Rouge invites the audience into a world made up of emotions, alternating sound and light, using a mixture of cutting edge technology, as well as a six thousand year-old pottery technique. The piece demonstrates an awareness of how the future builds on the past to create a powerful multi-sensory reaction in the viewer. At once familiar and entirely new, Blur Rouge presents an immersive sensory experience.

International Digital Art Biennal (BIAN), Montreal (CA), 2014. Photo: Sarah-Éve Tousignant

Performances and exhibitions:
- File Electronic Language International Festival, Blur Rouge video, Sao Paolo (BR), 2014
- International Digital Art Biennal (BIAN), Montreal (CA)
- Mutek Image, Montreal (CA), 2013
- Festival international du cinéma francophone en Acadie, Moncton (CA), 2013
- Festival de la imagen, Manizales (CO), 2013

Festival international du cinéma francophone en Acadie, Moncton (CA), 2013. Photo: Cédric Chabuel
Created in 2013-2014

Technical requirements:
Variable / 3D game engine, multimedia software, music software, computer, video projector, two to four speakers, audio effect unit

Variable / 360 x 200 cm, minimum size for the projection screen

Music, 3D, programming: Manuel Chantre / Programming consultant: Sébastien Gravel /

Image from Blur Rouge performance