An audiovisual installation made up of twenty-two large cloth canvases assembled to create a unique maze of video projections. By moving within the environment, the public modulates the semi-random video content that is displayed. The piece is different from one visit to another and it offers a striking and sensitive experience through its vivid use of video projections and a tension-filled musical score.

Memorsion’s artistic statement is a reflection of Chantre’s focus on the cultural construction of urban architecture and its representations. Videos of forgotten urban relics, either rendered useless or altered by time, are reassembled into a fictional space meant to unearth the audience members’ respective memories and experiences. Splintered architectural elements and scattered fragments of our collective memory bring to life various personal associations within each spectator.

Through creative arrangements and transformations of various black-and-white videos, Chantre creates a highly dramatic experience taking place in an atemporal fictional location.

Viewers visit abandoned warehouses, graffiti-covered walls, concrete bridges or crumbling buildings. Images are fragmented into short sequences, flickering, and digitally transformed using 2D and 3D techniques. The intent is to overstimulate the visual awareness with incomplete pictures, breaking down the linearity of time and consequently triggering personal interpretations.

Expositions et performances:
– 375e Anniversaire de Montréal, Une île, 19 plages–un million d’horizons, Maison de la culture Ahuntsic-Cartierville, Montréal (CA), 2017
– Society for Arts and Technology 20th anniversary, Montreal (CA), 2015
– Society for Arts and Technology, Nuit Blanche, Montreal (CA), 2014
– PAVED arts, solo exhibition, Saskatoon (CA), 2014
– Mapping Festival, Centre d’art contemporain de Geneve, performance and installation version, Geneva, (CH), 2011
– Festival du Nouveau cinema, Coeur des Sciences UQAM, Montreal (CA), 2010
– Eastern Bloc, solo exhibition, Montreal (CA), 2010

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Société des Arts Technologiques, Nuit Blanche, Montréal (CA), 2014. Photo : Sebastien Roy

PAVED Arts, exposition en solo, Saskatoon (CA), 2014. Photo : Manuel Chantre

Memorsion, Mapping Festival, Centre d’art contemporain de Genève, Genève (CH), [performance et installation], 2011. Photo : Germain Ferey

Memorsion, Eastern Bloc, exposition en solo, Montréal (CA), 2010. Photo: Stéphanie Chantre

Memorsion, Eastern Bloc, exposition en solo, Montréal (CA), 2010. Photo: Manuel Chantre

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Article, Crosslab//Collab, Memorsion (Web), 2014
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Created in 2010

Technique: 24 polyester projection screens, aluminium pipes, polyester ropes, 4 to 6 speakers, 1 to 2 subwoofers, 4 video projectors, 1 computer, 1 multimedia software, 1 infrared camera and 1 infrared lamp.

900 x 900 x 244 cm (configuration A)
900 x 1350 x 244 cm (configuration B)


Download / Listen.

Video, music, programming and design: Manuel Chantre/Production assistant: Hortense Le Forestier De Quillien/ Programming collaborators: Éric Andrade, Nathanaël Lécaudé, Studio imaginaire/Cast: Roxanne Belanger, Lucia Carballo, Katty Daelman, Benjamin Michaud, Karolina Montana, Claude Paradis/Dressmaker: Nicole Cantin / Design consultant: Sébastien Dallaire/ Material consultant: Isabelle Kaliaguin/ Shooting collaborator: Francis Pineau/ Acknowledgement : Vidéographe, Eastern Bloc, Montreal urban exploration community, Montreal graffiti community, Society for Arts and Technology, Francis Théberge ( TIND ), Joseph Lefèvre and Danny Perreault.

This project was made possible with the support of the expo-residence program with Vidéographe, in partnership with Eastern Bloc.

The performance version was made in partnership with Prime.

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