Les Transnumériques, Le Frigo, Mons (BE), 2008


The Popcore evenings where born out of the Société des Arts Technologiques’ Mix_Sessions. Popcore later became an independent, open collective proposing multidisciplinary performances with a subversive aesthetic inspired by the transformation of pop culture symbols. The collective presents audacious performances that comprise of portable video games, domestics tools and kitchenware controlled by computers, manipulation of electronic toys, destruction of old mediums and robotic instruments.

Popcore Duo (2008-2010) is a subset of this original collective and is composed of Simon Laroche and Manuel Chantre. Both evolve as new media artists and performers independently; Popcore Duo serves as a common experimental radical testing ground for audio, visual and performative work.Since the summer of 2008, they have created a series of varied performances presented in Canada and Europe. Amongst these, Polypingpop, Popcontinental and Popcore Duo.

SAT Contamine, SAT, Montreal (CA), 2009. Photo : Charles Prémont

Performances and Exhibitions:
- Biennale de sculpture de Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, Popcore, Saint-Jean-Port-Joli (CA), 2014
- Biennale de sculpture de Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, Popcore, Saint-Jean-Port-Joli (CA), 2012
- Mois-Multi, Complexe Méduse, Popcore Duo, Polypingpop, Québec (CA), 2010
- Toy Company, SAT, Popcore Duo, Montreal (CA), 2009
- Festival City Sonics, Théâtre Royal, Popcontinental, Mons (BE), 2009
- SAT Contamine, SAT, Popcore Duo, Montreal (CA), 2009
- Steim, Stubnitz, Popcore Duo, Amsterdam (NL), 2008
- WORM, Popcore Duo, Rotterdam (NL), 2008
- Les Transnumériques, Le Frigo, Popcore Duo, Mons (BE), 2008
- Les Transnumériques, Centre Wallonie Bruxelles, Popcore Duo, Paris (FR), 2008
- Festival Off de Québec, Le Loft, Popcore, Quebec (CA), 2008
- Art Space, Popcore, Peterborough (CA), 2007
- Mix session Popcore, SAT, Popcore, Montreal (CA), 2007
- Festival Elektra, Robot-coop, Usine C, Popcore (Non Official), Montréal (CA), 2007
- Gala Dare Dare, Popcore, Montreal (CA), 2007
- Mix session, SAT, Popcore, Montreal (CA), 2006

Mois-Multi, Complexe Méduse, Polypingpop, Québec (CA), 2010. Photo : Audrey Gaudreault

Press and documentation :
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SAT Contamine, SAT, Montreal (CA), 2009. Photo : Manuel Chantre

Created in 2006