Chantre composed the music for Six Mil Antennas, a film by Johnny Ranger, the first film made for the 360 degree screen Satosphère of the Society for Arts and Technology. This new kind of fiction offers a journey in a futurist, psychedelic and non­linear universe. The audience is immersed in a sensory and narrative experience, made of characters who evolve in a fictional setting. The film deals, in an abstracted way, with the interconnection of different states of individual, social and political awareness.

Six Mil Antennas is the third immersive work made in duo by Johnny Ranger and Manuel Chantre. This creation is a synthesis of their collaborations and respective works on immersive creations using non­linear narrations. The album was launched as an update of Manuel Chantre’s latest album – a concrete block in which datas are accessible by connecting USB plug to a computer. The music is also available online.

-­ Melbourne International Film Festival, Melbourne (AU), 2013
– Fulldome Festival, Jena (DE), 2013
-­ Dome Club, ThinkTank Planetarium, Birmingham (GB), 2013
-­ Society for Arts and Technology, Montréal (CA), 2011-2012

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Manuel Chantre tried to translate Johnny Ranger’s universe in developing an electronic and psychedelic music from the 2010’s. He also found inspiration in films suggested by Johnny Ranger, such as Enter the Void (Gaspar Noé), Alphaville (Jean­Luc Godard), The Holy Mountain (Alejandro Jodorowsky), and Persona (Ingmar Bergman), as well as the documentary The SpiriT Molecule (Mitch Schultz).

The music was composed before the visuals. Johnny Ranger described him his artistic vision with sounds that he recorded himself (breathings, Tibetan bowls), music, drawings, collages and the original synopsis, which has been modified afterwards. Semi-­directed sessions were recorded with the composer and flautist Brian D’Oliveira, Johnny Ranger on the harp and harmonica, Jason Sharp on the saxophone and basson, and Manuel Chantre on the guitar. The music was then transformed to develop an unusual sound; to reflect a vision of the future.

– Best experimental film for Six Mil Antennas, GB Fulldome Festival, Leicerter (UK), 2012
– Best experimental film, UK Fulldome festival for Six Mil Antennas, Birmingham (UK), 2012

Society for Arts and Technology, Six Mil Antennas, Montreal (CA), 2011-2012. Photo: Sébastien Roy

Society for Arts and Technology, Six Mil Antennas, Montreal (CA), 2011-2012. Photo: Sébastien Roy

Society for Arts and Technology, Six Mil Antennas, Montreal (CA), 2011-2012. Photo: Sébastien Roy

Society for Arts and Technology, Six Mil Antennas, Montreal (CA), 2011-2012. Photo: Sébastien Roy

Created in 2011

Technique: A large 360° immersive dome, 8 projectors, multi channel audio system 32.1 or 5.1, computer, mapping software.

Dimensions: Variable / semi­sphere : radius 900 cm, height 1300cm

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Film director: Johnny Ranger / Composer and sound designer: Manuel Chantre / Harpe,harmonica: Jean Ranger / Flute: Brian D’Oliveira / Bass saxophone: Jason Sharp /Guitar: Manuel Chantre / Voice: Marine Chantre Moreault / Sound experiment: Francis Pineau / Recording studio 1: Manuel Chantre, Recording studio 2: Hacienda CREATIVE

Produced and commissioned by the Society for Arts and Technology and Mindroots

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