Light Attraction

An audio-­light performance and installation using high powered lights to shape the interior of an imposing, translucent, rectangular prism. A choreography of masses of light is controlled in real­ time in order to develop a fictional and dramatic narrative.

Light Attraction refers to the phenomenon of nocturnal insects' attraction to light: this instinctive and impulsive attraction is often fatal. This aspect of the work reenacts a biological phenomenon which remains unexplained by science.

The piece is a metaphor for the impulsive and obsessive behaviours found in human beings. In the same way certain insects are attracted to light – driven by their instincts – human beings behave in an instinctive and impulsive way, with little idea of the reasons that motivate them.

Chantre's work tells a story with light, creating different sensory scenarios in which the physicality of the public is the director. The work relies on a language of light which borrows its cinematographic grammar from Science Fiction films and relies on the past collective visual memories of the public, such as a sunrise or a foggy swamp, to translate. The light box spreads out, seeks and watches its observers. It rests before it takes over, blinds, attacks and fascinates the viewer.

  • " The work he has achieved is very complex and technical. I saw his creation Light Attraction and it was really incredible. "
    ­ Radio­-Canada, C'est bien meilleur le matin, Marie-­Ève Dumulong, Toronto (CA), 2012
  • " […] I thought it was very impressive and dramatic. "

    ­ Radio­-Canada, C'est bien meilleur le matin, Marie-­Ève Dumulong, Toronto (CA), 2012
Mois Multi, Québec (CA), 2012. Photo : Luc Vallée
- Mois Multi, Québec (CA), 2012

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Mois Multi, Québec (CA), 2012. Photo : Isabel Rancier
Created in 2011-2012

Techincal requirements:
Transparent plastic canvas sheets, 10 steel pipes, 4 moving lights, 2 stroboscopic lamps, 2 haze machines, 4 speakers, 2 subwoofers, computer, MIDI controller, music software, multimedia software and audio effect unit.

366 x 610 x 366 cm

Music, light, programming and design: Manuel Chantre / Production management: Mateo Thébaudeau – Productions Recto­Verso / Programming collaborator: Thomas Ouellet Frédéricks / Acknowledgement : Gaëtan Gosselin, Viviane Paradis, Mateo Thébaudeau, Émile Morain, l'équipe du Mois Multi, Jasmine Pisapia du Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, Danny Perreault, Jérôme Arseneault, Francis Pineau.

A Mois Multi and Recto­Verso production.    
Mois Multi, Québec (CA), 2012. Photo : Isabel Rancier
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