Chantre composed the music for the immersive movie Jean Ranger’s Réflections…réflexions. Within a contemplative vision inspired by the city of Rio de Janeiro emerges a series of silhouettes, organic entities and human essences coexisting within fictional landscapes.

The project addresses the notions of unconscious intuition and telepathy between humans and their environment. A non­linear narration exposes a pulsating language that alternates between natural and urban spaces, technological networks and trains of thought.

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– National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan (TW), 2010
– Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Montreal (CA), 2007
-­ Society for Arts and Technology, solo exhibition, Montreal (CA), 2006



Société d’art technologique, 2006, photo: Jean Ranger

Created in 2005

­- Best digital animation, personal project category, GRAFIKA, Montréal (CA), 2007

Technique: A large cylinder­-like screen which offers a 360 degree perspective, 6 projectors, 1 multi-channel
audio system 8.1, 1 computer

Dimensions: Variable / cylinder : 610 cm radius x 305 cm height

Press and documentation :
Article, Le lien multimédia, «Johnny Ranger et Manuel Chantre présentent Réflections…Réflexions», Nicolas Perrin, Montreal (CA), 2006
Article , Dream Mersion, Reflection…Reflexions, Montréal, (CA), 2010

Credits: Film direction, script, image, video camera, video editing: Jean Ranger / music, sound, audio recording: Manuel Chantre / cast: Chanti Wadge, Luciane Pinto, Zoe Poluck, Jacob Cino / voice: Paulo Ramos, Luciane Pinto, Thais Stoclhol / model of Rio de Janeiro: Louis Philippe St-­Arnault /3D: Francis Gélinas / sound recording in Brazil : Sylvain Bellemare and Pierre-­Étienne Lessard /Text: Paulo Ramos.