An audiovisual interactive installation. On a cluster of bright transparent plates which divide the space, abstract 3D shapes move continuously, in sync with the soundtrack. Using a mouse, the public is invited to slow down and control the shapes, in order to contemplate, alter and explore them for a moment.

Double – in the sense that it is both a first step towards multiplicity and the loss of individuality. This is the moment of transformation, the step that marks the boundary between multiple forms. Specifically, the work addresses the proliferation of digital files in the era of social networks. Without the act of sharing and duplication of data, information, once forgotten, ceases to exist.

Double borrows it's technique of visual illusion from Pepper's Ghost effect. The projected image is reflected in the interior surfaces of the structure, giving the illusion that the projected shape is three dimensional.

In Double, guests are immersed in an interactive environment comparable to that of a video game where the goal is an aesthetic and sensory experience.

Le Labo, Nuit Blanche, Toronto (CA), 2012. Photo: Juliette Riou
­- Le Labo, Nuit Blanche, Toronto (CA), 2012

- Video interview, Radio­-Canada, Le téléjournal, Toronto (CA), 2012
- Audio interview, Radio­Canada, Champ libre, Toronto (CA), 2012
- Audio interview, CIUT, Pot Pourri show, Toronto (CA), 2012
- Audio interview, Radio­Canada, C'est bien meilleur le matin, Marie-Ève Dumulong, Toronto (CA), 2012
Le Labo, Nuit Blanche, Toronto (CA), 2012. Photo: Stéphanie Chantre
Created in 2012

Technical requirements:
Polyolefin, 4 steel cables, multimedia software, computer, video projector, 2 speakers, mouse, pedestal

38 x 38 x 122 cm

Music, 3D, programming and design: Manuel Chantre / Acknowledgement: Danny Perreault, Sarah­-Ève Tousignant.

The project “ Double” profited from a residence of research and creation at the Labo. / With the support of Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Bureau du Québec à Toronto and The Ontario Trillium Foundation.    
Le Labo, Nuit Blanche, Toronto (CA), 2012. Photo: Stéphanie Chantre